sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Colombia beats Argentina as the third largest economy

Colombia moved to Argentina
and became the third largest economy in Latin America in 2013, once its gross domestic product (GDP) reached the 347.000 million dollars, according to a study by the consultancy firm Capital Economics.
The third position was occupied by Argentina through 2012, but Colombia last year surpassed its $ 10 billion GDP.

Capital Economics, Neil Shearing, emerging markets Chief Economist said that the estimate is based on the impact that has had the devaluation of the Argentine peso during 2013.

This evaluation of the consultant leaves Colombia only behind Brazil and Mexico among the countries of the region.

"This is a symptom of a broader trend that is living in the Argentina economic model, while the economy of Colombia has been well managed," Shearing said in statements collected today by the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

For his part, finance, Mauricio Cárdenas, Colombian Minister said that this result is due to factors such as low inflation, a reduced fiscal deficit, a reasonable debt and a solid macroeconomic policies, as she picked up a few days ago the newspaper 'El País' of Cali.

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Disaster in the Carnival of Oruro 2014

At least 4 dead and 60 people were injured in the collapse of a walkway in the avenida 6 de Agosto, Oruro, in full development of the entrance to the Carnival of Oruro.
The Deputy Commander of the police of Oruro, Colonel René Rojas, in communication with the Red one, confirmed "a deceased person", a trumpeter of the Poopo in Oruro band and several injured from the collapse of a footbridge.

According to reports, some members of the band of musicians of Poopo in Oruro were injured, who accompanied the brotherhood Ferrari Ghezzi.

ATB chain showed some images of people leaving the place in tears by the tragedy; Meanwhile, others protested and demanded security for the dancers and spectators.

The cultural and religious pilgrimage was temporarily suspended on the spot, but in the Civic Avenue continue advancing devotees dancing.

At least so far are 4 confirmed dead and 60 wounded.
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Cvitanich: "now miss him July" (Falcioni)

From France, where he works in the Nice Darío Cvitanich, one of the most effective strikers that Boca had in recent years, referred to the present of the institution and drew a parallel with what lived with Falcioni. He also stressed "I find it illogical that you criticize Bianchi"; While, about the time of his departure, confessed: "I wanted to me to stay in the club"

In dialogue with TyC Sports, Darío Cvitanich made it clear that poor mouth today, reflects a contrast with the earlier stage, in which Julio Cesar Falcioni was responsible. "Many speak with the newspaper on Monday and think with him was much better, he is much more valued now", he said, but at the same time, it argued not to Carlos Bianchi as coach: "without a doubt that it is the most significant DT and winner of the history, people do not forget and is illogical to criticize him".

Later, the striker who took their goals to the Nice of France, while at the time it intended to be purchased by "Xeneize", which ultimately decided not to make use of their option to purchase, recalled: "that Falcioni team criticized it is much... They said that we played not well and we made just right, but did us goals and we ended up being undefeated champions." E insisted: "For the present, is valued more to that team and technical".

The cast of the "Viceroy" through a complicated moment, because that still failed to win so far in the Championship and the strategist is in the eye of the storm, since neither got good results in 2013. "It generates me surprise campus and power that has. But if you get a good result in Rafaela, can route. It makes me sad because there I have colleagues with whom I shared campus and they deserve the best,"argued Cvitanich.

Meanwhile, the former "drill" revealed that in each market passes crosses him the idea of returning to Argentina, because sometimes it is strange too: "are crazy that I seized but are not consistent with my present in Nice. I crossed back to Banfield for the love that I have you, my house. "It would have made the effort, but it is a complicated negotiation". In the Gallic institution has contract until 2015 and they would not leave, even in the old continent.

He confirmed that he also spoke of a return to Boca, club in which "I spent it incredibly well" and did not want to enter into controversy, regarding the progress of some players who were not in the best way, as the cases of Leandro Somoza, Walter Erviti and Santiago Silva, among others. "Everyone had a why. "Mouth is somewhat exhausting according to how takes it one, there are a lot of exposure and you are always news", concluded.
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The defender of the Argentinean Marcos Rojo

The defender of the Argentinean Marcos Rojo, accused of the crime of injury in a case opened in November 2010, will testify next May when he returns to the country to start the preparation of facing Brazil 2014 World Cup.

"This is a cause that takes a long time and returned to boom by a Picardy's lawyers in the lawsuit. So we decided to deliver a trade to migration so that it notified as soon as you are in the country and observe the procedural formality", the Prosecutor of La Plata Marcelo Romero told Telam.

The judicial official clarified that on the Sporting Lisbon player "there is no order of detention, restrictions or prohibition from leaving the country as stated in some media".

"Simply must comply with their legitimate right to defence in a case in which he is accused and prosecuted for the crime of injury," said.

"So far - continued the Prosecutor - had patience for being an athlete representing the country, which does not want is harming citing him by the security forces. We have talked with his lawyers, but we could not investigate it to red face. "This is one misdemeanor correctional, but crime in the end".

The penalty that can receive red goes from one month to two years, but it is excarcelable. The case dates back to the 7th of November 2010 and people who accuse him for injuries are Juan Pablo Gómez and Juan Pablo Celiz, whose defence is exercised by the doctor Darío Saldaña. The incident took place in a House of the 510 Street between 30 and 31 of La Plata, in the District of Hernandez.

Red has as counsel to Dr. Gustavo Galasso, Fernando mocking study and consultation of Thelma said: "this morning (Friday) I spoke with mark, is aware of everything and will be to declare when in the country." We present a brief before the first call, but never again to be cited. We at the disposal of Justice and the Prosecutor already knows".

"I want to clarify that there is no ban on leaving the country. Here it is quite clear that there is a monetary issue, there is a cause for damages, and they want to be compensated", he added.

Red, 23 years, second of students, will add this weekend to the roster of the team that will start preparing for the friendly against Romania, on next Wednesday in Bucharest,
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sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

If Vela is Messi, my wife is Brooke Shields

ebruary 13, 2014 - 13:14 RECORD STAFF The Red Sharks coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola said he did not beg to Carlos Vela to accept the call of the Mexican, because it would give preference to players who are committed to the Tri. "I do not beg him. To which Mr. Herrera is betting is that people want to be and have the quality that they have other players, no, I really do not," he told the media. Also rejected statements coach Hugo Sánchez, in which he compared to the ram of the Royal Society with other players who play in the Spanish League, and Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. "It's as if I compare my wife with Brooke Shields, and I see myself. It's my way of seeing things and how to compare it, then yes I can not get me," he said.

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He ripped the skin with the tattoo of your ex and sent.

A woman scorned, the skin began with the tattoo of his ex and sent by parcel This is a young Englishwoman who had assured her that her boyfriend had to travel to Alaska for work. He decided to send mail the piece of fabric with the man's name.

After the young Torz Reynolds discovered the infidelity of the man he thought was his life, he decided to take drastic measures for "rip it" once and for all and forever.

Love, Torz had tattooed the name of her boyfriend in the arm, but after discovering the deception took a scalpel and the piece of skin that read "Chopper's Bitch" (Bitch Chopper), a phrase that included the name was cut your ex, Stuart "Chopper".

The woman, 26, who lives in London, used tweezers to stretch your skin and to cut the piece of skin that made her uncomfortable.

And the deception Stuart was cruel; told Torz that had been sent to work in Alaska, in fact, I drove to the airport and cried in front of her during her farewell, ensuring that loved her and miss her like no one.

Shortly after, he discovered that the infamous Torz Stuart had gone to live with another woman some time to Essex, with which indeed had been having an affair for 6 months prior to his supposed departure.

Fully wound, Torz not hesitate to tear the skin where it had tattooed the name of Stuart and sent it. "I hope that the signal is very clear. Now he knows that I will never love him and can not get back with me," said the spiteful.

Torz not regret having lost some skin, because at the end of the day "will grow," he says.

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Atlanta 1-0 Almagro | B Metropolitana

Atlanta defeated Almagro 1-0 this afternoon, local, and regained the lead of the First B tournament last after suffering a defeat against New Chicago in a game for the 24th party date. date.

The goal of the group coached the duo Sebastian Cassano and Leonardo Magarelli was scored by Richard Schunke, against, in the 12th minute of the second half.

With the win, Atlanta scored 38 points two more than New Chicago escort while Almagro remained 27 units.

In other matches played today, Chacarita missed the chance to get close to the top to match with Comunicaciones 1-1, Away, with goal of Matthias Rosso (PT 18m.), While Manuel Gibelli (ST 11m.) Matched for local.

The remaining results of the day were: Flandria 4 (x2 Abregu Gregorio, Luciano Lo Bianco and German Rivero)-Los Andes 0; Armenian 2 (Diego Medina and Federico Pacheco)-Villa Dálmine 3 (x2 Salvatierra Damian and Victor Gomez) and Tristan Suárez 2 (Diego and Rafael Sequeira Viotti)-Fénix 2 (Santiago Bianchi x2).

The day will continue on Sunday at 17-Acassuso Defenders Belgrano.

On Monday they will Schoolboys-Deportivo Merlo, UAI Urquiza-Barracks, both at 17; Students New Chicago, to 21, and will close on Tuesday Deportivo Morón-Platense, at 21.

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