jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

The secret marriage of Jenny Williams

Just over a year ago, Jenny Williams (27) is paired up with photographer Christian Beliera (42) and when formalizing arrived. Back in October 2013, the beautiful actress said: "I am happy and very much in love Of course I'd like to marry I find a cute way to celebrate love..."

In a super intimate ceremony, Jenny and became Christian they are husband and wife and, of course, celebrated their love.

The cebración also be super private, this Saturday at abar in the neighborhood of Las straws. Did the honeymoon? For now remain pending but Williams and renowned photographer over 15 years ago working in People magazine, planning to return to Tulum, Mexico, a place already visited a few months ago.

Although no wedding photos, yes Jenny shared some preparations in your Instagram account announcing some details of # DIAD, as she called it.

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