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Cvitanich: "now miss him July" (Falcioni)

From France, where he works in the Nice Darío Cvitanich, one of the most effective strikers that Boca had in recent years, referred to the present of the institution and drew a parallel with what lived with Falcioni. He also stressed "I find it illogical that you criticize Bianchi"; While, about the time of his departure, confessed: "I wanted to me to stay in the club"

In dialogue with TyC Sports, Darío Cvitanich made it clear that poor mouth today, reflects a contrast with the earlier stage, in which Julio Cesar Falcioni was responsible. "Many speak with the newspaper on Monday and think with him was much better, he is much more valued now", he said, but at the same time, it argued not to Carlos Bianchi as coach: "without a doubt that it is the most significant DT and winner of the history, people do not forget and is illogical to criticize him".

Later, the striker who took their goals to the Nice of France, while at the time it intended to be purchased by "Xeneize", which ultimately decided not to make use of their option to purchase, recalled: "that Falcioni team criticized it is much... They said that we played not well and we made just right, but did us goals and we ended up being undefeated champions." E insisted: "For the present, is valued more to that team and technical".

The cast of the "Viceroy" through a complicated moment, because that still failed to win so far in the Championship and the strategist is in the eye of the storm, since neither got good results in 2013. "It generates me surprise campus and power that has. But if you get a good result in Rafaela, can route. It makes me sad because there I have colleagues with whom I shared campus and they deserve the best,"argued Cvitanich.

Meanwhile, the former "drill" revealed that in each market passes crosses him the idea of returning to Argentina, because sometimes it is strange too: "are crazy that I seized but are not consistent with my present in Nice. I crossed back to Banfield for the love that I have you, my house. "It would have made the effort, but it is a complicated negotiation". In the Gallic institution has contract until 2015 and they would not leave, even in the old continent.

He confirmed that he also spoke of a return to Boca, club in which "I spent it incredibly well" and did not want to enter into controversy, regarding the progress of some players who were not in the best way, as the cases of Leandro Somoza, Walter Erviti and Santiago Silva, among others. "Everyone had a why. "Mouth is somewhat exhausting according to how takes it one, there are a lot of exposure and you are always news", concluded.

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