sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

If Vela is Messi, my wife is Brooke Shields

ebruary 13, 2014 - 13:14 RECORD STAFF The Red Sharks coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola said he did not beg to Carlos Vela to accept the call of the Mexican, because it would give preference to players who are committed to the Tri. "I do not beg him. To which Mr. Herrera is betting is that people want to be and have the quality that they have other players, no, I really do not," he told the media. Also rejected statements coach Hugo Sánchez, in which he compared to the ram of the Royal Society with other players who play in the Spanish League, and Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. "It's as if I compare my wife with Brooke Shields, and I see myself. It's my way of seeing things and how to compare it, then yes I can not get me," he said.

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He ripped the skin with the tattoo of your ex and sent.

A woman scorned, the skin began with the tattoo of his ex and sent by parcel This is a young Englishwoman who had assured her that her boyfriend had to travel to Alaska for work. He decided to send mail the piece of fabric with the man's name.

After the young Torz Reynolds discovered the infidelity of the man he thought was his life, he decided to take drastic measures for "rip it" once and for all and forever.

Love, Torz had tattooed the name of her boyfriend in the arm, but after discovering the deception took a scalpel and the piece of skin that read "Chopper's Bitch" (Bitch Chopper), a phrase that included the name was cut your ex, Stuart "Chopper".

The woman, 26, who lives in London, used tweezers to stretch your skin and to cut the piece of skin that made her uncomfortable.

And the deception Stuart was cruel; told Torz that had been sent to work in Alaska, in fact, I drove to the airport and cried in front of her during her farewell, ensuring that loved her and miss her like no one.

Shortly after, he discovered that the infamous Torz Stuart had gone to live with another woman some time to Essex, with which indeed had been having an affair for 6 months prior to his supposed departure.

Fully wound, Torz not hesitate to tear the skin where it had tattooed the name of Stuart and sent it. "I hope that the signal is very clear. Now he knows that I will never love him and can not get back with me," said the spiteful.

Torz not regret having lost some skin, because at the end of the day "will grow," he says.

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Atlanta 1-0 Almagro | B Metropolitana

Atlanta defeated Almagro 1-0 this afternoon, local, and regained the lead of the First B tournament last after suffering a defeat against New Chicago in a game for the 24th party date. date.

The goal of the group coached the duo Sebastian Cassano and Leonardo Magarelli was scored by Richard Schunke, against, in the 12th minute of the second half.

With the win, Atlanta scored 38 points two more than New Chicago escort while Almagro remained 27 units.

In other matches played today, Chacarita missed the chance to get close to the top to match with Comunicaciones 1-1, Away, with goal of Matthias Rosso (PT 18m.), While Manuel Gibelli (ST 11m.) Matched for local.

The remaining results of the day were: Flandria 4 (x2 Abregu Gregorio, Luciano Lo Bianco and German Rivero)-Los Andes 0; Armenian 2 (Diego Medina and Federico Pacheco)-Villa Dálmine 3 (x2 Salvatierra Damian and Victor Gomez) and Tristan Suárez 2 (Diego and Rafael Sequeira Viotti)-Fénix 2 (Santiago Bianchi x2).

The day will continue on Sunday at 17-Acassuso Defenders Belgrano.

On Monday they will Schoolboys-Deportivo Merlo, UAI Urquiza-Barracks, both at 17; Students New Chicago, to 21, and will close on Tuesday Deportivo Morón-Platense, at 21.

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jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

134 sheep were killed by lightning

Unbelievable: in Bolivia, 134 sheep were killed by lightning It happened in Potosi, an area in which the fact is increasingly common.

this point, it is an issue of concern. Earlier in the week, lightning killed a mother and two daughters. In December, another phenomenon killed 30 head of cattle. A week ago, a woman died and 25 sheep. On Thursday, the story was repeated. Because lightning killed 134 sheep in a region of Potosí in Bolivia.

The incident occurred specifically in the town of Betanzos, about 450 kilometers south of La Paz, according to the director of Rural Development, Raul Mendizabal, The Associated Press. There were no reports of people affected.

Apparently, electric shocks are an increasingly common. Heavy rains make the downloads are becoming stronger and more continuous

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Lanzini: "I can deal better"

Lanzini recognizes that comfortable leaning to the left. And like all River, following a positive summer, excited and stressed: "There must always be a protagonist."

After a summer with positive results, River seems revitalized. After a second half of 2013 to file quickly, the team seems Ramón Díaz breathe different air. And players also shown renewed. One is Manuel Lanzini, which some parties have placed on the left of the attack, as in Córdoba at Mouth. About this position, relaxed, Manu reflected: "I like playing in this new position. I'm trying to take, but I'm enjoying it because I have spaces and I can deal better. I feel good. I am strong and fast. I hope to continue the good work. "

And after that loose semester Lanzini in dialogue with ESPN, admitted that they are forced to fight up in the Final: "Nobody likes to be in 17th place. We are in the country's largest club and we have to fight big things. Trying to get into the cups and fight on top because he deserves the club and ourselves. River always has to be fresh. "

For his part, said he feels comfortable sharing with Teo and Cavenaghi attack. "It's very easy with them," he added. And also talked with positive words to Ramon Diaz: "always excited by the quality of technical it is and what it represents. We too excited. "

Finally, he considered to be difficult to overcome Gymnastics, the opponent with the River to debut on Sunday in the Monumental. "We know it is a tough team and they just get a lot of attitude. We have to make things right, "he concluded

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The secret marriage of Jenny Williams

Just over a year ago, Jenny Williams (27) is paired up with photographer Christian Beliera (42) and when formalizing arrived. Back in October 2013, the beautiful actress said: "I am happy and very much in love Of course I'd like to marry I find a cute way to celebrate love..."

In a super intimate ceremony, Jenny and became Christian they are husband and wife and, of course, celebrated their love.

The cebración also be super private, this Saturday at abar in the neighborhood of Las straws. Did the honeymoon? For now remain pending but Williams and renowned photographer over 15 years ago working in People magazine, planning to return to Tulum, Mexico, a place already visited a few months ago.

Although no wedding photos, yes Jenny shared some preparations in your Instagram account announcing some details of # DIAD, as she called it.

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The collapse of the Venezuelan economic model

When these things happen, the price spiral is accompanied by a shortage of products on the shelves of supermarkets, a phenomenon that grew steadily during 2013, reaching a constant level of 22% shortage of food items. In other words, when a housewife goes to get basic food, there is always one in five of them is simply not available in business.

The biggest culprit of what is happening in Venezuela is certainly excessive public spending, financed broadcasting. This generates a high inflation and the desire of the people of "shelter" in the dollar. In addition, the supply of Venezuelan inefficient public companies in the food sector has declined significantly. We speak of a quarterly loss of nearly 12%.

In the dirigiste model also influences the price control when preventing costs are covered, simply generates a decrease in production. Faced with declining domestic supply, foreign exchange shortages prevent deficiencies of local production with imports covered.

Inflation in Venezuela in 2013 was 56.2%. More than half of the savings held by the people, and the purchasing power of wages and pensions, vanished in just one year. What is unsustainable over time. The government announces that it is now trying to reduce inflation and to locate it at levels of 28% annually. For this, the main instrument is the control and surveillance of prices, so as to prevent its increase, with a battery of inspections, checks, penalties, threats and intimidation. Clearly this way Venezuela will not be able to contain its inflation. Over a decade of stringent controls Venezuela has not done so. It happens that not combat inflation through price controls, in the long run, always fails. Inflation is a result of the crazy issue, particularly when it increases the amount of money over the increased productivity of the economy.

With regard to Argentina, the parallel of what happens in this second country with what is happening in Venezuela is so strong that we disclaims additional comments. Same problem. Similar remedies. Little chance of success in controlling inflation, especially when there is no political will to work on the relentless rise in current expenditure of the public sector. Because populism and ideology prevent it.

The dirigiste model is floundering in South America. In more than one scenario. As was to be expected. Unfortunately, fixed income sectors will be the "duck this wedding." Ideological reasons make the Venezuelan reactions are wrong and the only response to the crisis. The trouble is that that means just adding fuel to the fire.

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