sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

Atlanta 1-0 Almagro | B Metropolitana

Atlanta defeated Almagro 1-0 this afternoon, local, and regained the lead of the First B tournament last after suffering a defeat against New Chicago in a game for the 24th party date. date.

The goal of the group coached the duo Sebastian Cassano and Leonardo Magarelli was scored by Richard Schunke, against, in the 12th minute of the second half.

With the win, Atlanta scored 38 points two more than New Chicago escort while Almagro remained 27 units.

In other matches played today, Chacarita missed the chance to get close to the top to match with Comunicaciones 1-1, Away, with goal of Matthias Rosso (PT 18m.), While Manuel Gibelli (ST 11m.) Matched for local.

The remaining results of the day were: Flandria 4 (x2 Abregu Gregorio, Luciano Lo Bianco and German Rivero)-Los Andes 0; Armenian 2 (Diego Medina and Federico Pacheco)-Villa Dálmine 3 (x2 Salvatierra Damian and Victor Gomez) and Tristan Suárez 2 (Diego and Rafael Sequeira Viotti)-Fénix 2 (Santiago Bianchi x2).

The day will continue on Sunday at 17-Acassuso Defenders Belgrano.

On Monday they will Schoolboys-Deportivo Merlo, UAI Urquiza-Barracks, both at 17; Students New Chicago, to 21, and will close on Tuesday Deportivo Morón-Platense, at 21.

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