sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Disaster in the Carnival of Oruro 2014

At least 4 dead and 60 people were injured in the collapse of a walkway in the avenida 6 de Agosto, Oruro, in full development of the entrance to the Carnival of Oruro.
The Deputy Commander of the police of Oruro, Colonel René Rojas, in communication with the Red one, confirmed "a deceased person", a trumpeter of the Poopo in Oruro band and several injured from the collapse of a footbridge.

According to reports, some members of the band of musicians of Poopo in Oruro were injured, who accompanied the brotherhood Ferrari Ghezzi.

ATB chain showed some images of people leaving the place in tears by the tragedy; Meanwhile, others protested and demanded security for the dancers and spectators.

The cultural and religious pilgrimage was temporarily suspended on the spot, but in the Civic Avenue continue advancing devotees dancing.

At least so far are 4 confirmed dead and 60 wounded.

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