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The defender of the Argentinean Marcos Rojo

The defender of the Argentinean Marcos Rojo, accused of the crime of injury in a case opened in November 2010, will testify next May when he returns to the country to start the preparation of facing Brazil 2014 World Cup.

"This is a cause that takes a long time and returned to boom by a Picardy's lawyers in the lawsuit. So we decided to deliver a trade to migration so that it notified as soon as you are in the country and observe the procedural formality", the Prosecutor of La Plata Marcelo Romero told Telam.

The judicial official clarified that on the Sporting Lisbon player "there is no order of detention, restrictions or prohibition from leaving the country as stated in some media".

"Simply must comply with their legitimate right to defence in a case in which he is accused and prosecuted for the crime of injury," said.

"So far - continued the Prosecutor - had patience for being an athlete representing the country, which does not want is harming citing him by the security forces. We have talked with his lawyers, but we could not investigate it to red face. "This is one misdemeanor correctional, but crime in the end".

The penalty that can receive red goes from one month to two years, but it is excarcelable. The case dates back to the 7th of November 2010 and people who accuse him for injuries are Juan Pablo Gómez and Juan Pablo Celiz, whose defence is exercised by the doctor Darío Saldaña. The incident took place in a House of the 510 Street between 30 and 31 of La Plata, in the District of Hernandez.

Red has as counsel to Dr. Gustavo Galasso, Fernando mocking study and consultation of Thelma said: "this morning (Friday) I spoke with mark, is aware of everything and will be to declare when in the country." We present a brief before the first call, but never again to be cited. We at the disposal of Justice and the Prosecutor already knows".

"I want to clarify that there is no ban on leaving the country. Here it is quite clear that there is a monetary issue, there is a cause for damages, and they want to be compensated", he added.

Red, 23 years, second of students, will add this weekend to the roster of the team that will start preparing for the friendly against Romania, on next Wednesday in Bucharest,

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