sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

He ripped the skin with the tattoo of your ex and sent.

A woman scorned, the skin began with the tattoo of his ex and sent by parcel This is a young Englishwoman who had assured her that her boyfriend had to travel to Alaska for work. He decided to send mail the piece of fabric with the man's name.

After the young Torz Reynolds discovered the infidelity of the man he thought was his life, he decided to take drastic measures for "rip it" once and for all and forever.

Love, Torz had tattooed the name of her boyfriend in the arm, but after discovering the deception took a scalpel and the piece of skin that read "Chopper's Bitch" (Bitch Chopper), a phrase that included the name was cut your ex, Stuart "Chopper".

The woman, 26, who lives in London, used tweezers to stretch your skin and to cut the piece of skin that made her uncomfortable.

And the deception Stuart was cruel; told Torz that had been sent to work in Alaska, in fact, I drove to the airport and cried in front of her during her farewell, ensuring that loved her and miss her like no one.

Shortly after, he discovered that the infamous Torz Stuart had gone to live with another woman some time to Essex, with which indeed had been having an affair for 6 months prior to his supposed departure.

Fully wound, Torz not hesitate to tear the skin where it had tattooed the name of Stuart and sent it. "I hope that the signal is very clear. Now he knows that I will never love him and can not get back with me," said the spiteful.

Torz not regret having lost some skin, because at the end of the day "will grow," he says.

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