jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

134 sheep were killed by lightning

Unbelievable: in Bolivia, 134 sheep were killed by lightning It happened in Potosi, an area in which the fact is increasingly common.

this point, it is an issue of concern. Earlier in the week, lightning killed a mother and two daughters. In December, another phenomenon killed 30 head of cattle. A week ago, a woman died and 25 sheep. On Thursday, the story was repeated. Because lightning killed 134 sheep in a region of Potosí in Bolivia.

The incident occurred specifically in the town of Betanzos, about 450 kilometers south of La Paz, according to the director of Rural Development, Raul Mendizabal, The Associated Press. There were no reports of people affected.

Apparently, electric shocks are an increasingly common. Heavy rains make the downloads are becoming stronger and more continuous

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